Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Auto Restart again & again on GT-S3850 CorbyII

Recently I have seen auto restart problem on Samsung GT-S3850. At first I didn’t pay my attention much to this model because it is not the phone running on iOS or Android that I am currently using. However, I have ever used thoroughly the smart phone and the previous versions of the firmware so I gradually pay the interest to look for the solutions for auto restart and stuck in the phone logo.
I have known before that this problem might be solved with the flashing on the phone. As a result, I find the files to be used to restore the phone’s firmware by flashing it.

Process of Flashing
· Look for the following links below to get the files as mentioned.
· Remove off the sim and memory card before flashing.
· Unzip the zip file of the firmware
· Launch Kies
· Launch multiLoader v5.65 (flasher)
· Follow five steps on the picture of multiLoader. (At step two (port search): The phone must be prepared to be the factory reset or download mode by pressing & holding the power button, volume- button and call button at the same time. This is done before connecting to the computer with the cable. At step 4 browse for files of the firmware which is bulleted above and unzipped.
· Wait for the phone to reboot itself.

The language file, described as CSC_S3850_Open_Europe, includes English. If you see Europe following Open, it means several languages in that zone including English. And if you see SEASIA following Open, it means several languages in South East Asia zone including Thai.
After finishing it, you can download link here to change or add themes to your phone.